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Nutritional Security Team

The nutritional security project comes to meet the most basic need of the women and men who contact us.  In the association we make sure to adapt our food baskets to the needs of the women, men and their families, to strengthen the sense of control over their lives and to establish The sense of community and female solidarity that so characterizes the association's activities. Our volunteers are spread throughout the country, and every week they send nutritious and homemade meals to dozens of women, men and their children .

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Project 'cooking for you' Express

This project was born out of the immediate need for food. Volunteers from the community volunteer to cook for a survivor living in their area if the need arises. This project allows us to ensure that if there is an urgent need for emergency food for a survivor, we will be able to respond immediately and ensure that no woman (and her children) will go to sleep on an empty stomach.

The 'cooking for you' project

this project is one of a kind. Volunteers from the community get involved in cooking home-cooked meals which are sent to the women and their children. For three months, once a week, the women receive home-cooked meals prepared each time by a different volunteer. The delivery is accompanied by a letter from the volunteer and it warms the heart and soul and helps many of the survivors to alleviate the loneliness that many of them feel

food baskets

We send emergency baskets to women who are having trouble finding food for themselves and their children. We adapt the food baskets to the needs and desires of each woman.

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