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You Are Not Alone' Project'

The project "You are not alone" is an exciting social project that takes place within our community. Women who survive prostitution often suffer from severe social isolation and the lack of benevolent relationships with other women and men in their environment. The survival life, the daily dealing with complex emotions such as guilt, shame and sadness as well as unbearably difficult physical and mental conditions, often do not allow them to have social relationships that are disconnected from the circle of prostitution.

We are here in an attempt to deepen women's sense of belonging and partnership with other women, to restore the survivor's sense of trust in the best existence in the world and alleviate a little of the severe loneliness accompanying her life experiences. The project seeks to create a permanent framework for the association's volunteers and women survivors for weekly meetings in a place chosen by them. 


The meetings take place in a "one on one" format and are based on continuous contact at a time that will be determined in advance according to their schedule. We are here to hear how her day went, to go out with her for fun or shopping and to surround her with a stable and friendly presence.

The volunteers in the project receive close guidance from a professional woman.

בתמונה_ צולם על ידי שורדת ומלווה בבילוי שבועי בים_

Photographed by a survivor and accompanied by a weekly stay at sea

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