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צוות המטה

Photo of Naama Goldberg, CEO of the association

Dr. Naama Goldberg

CEO, founder of the association

Photo of Shlomit Aguzi, VP of Finance

Shlomit Agozi


Photo of Michal Ben Zaken

Michal Ben Zaken

Manages a system of references

Photo of Orna Tamir

Orna Tamir

Responsible for evaluation and measurement, management of the association's Twitter account

הילה מרקוס_edited.jpg

Hila Marcus

Food safety team leader

תמונה של דנית.png

Danit Mitchell

media manager

Photo of Esti Haimov

Esti Haimov

Administrative management and concentration in the field of volunteering

Photo of Sivan Plai, clinical social worker, manager of the training system

Sivan Plai

Clinical social worker, manager of a training system

תמונה של שירה שילה.png

Shira Shiloh

Dental treatment team leader

רוני קול עזרה

Ronnie Kol Ezra

Head of the equipment team and logistics, coordinator of community relations and concentration of the field of volunteering

Photographed by: Adi Lam (Naama Goldberg, Yonit Ben Tov, Shlomit Aguzi, Hila Marcus, Sivan Plai, Roni Kol Ezera)

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