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Dental Staff

We believe that everyone deserves to open their mouth confidently and smile. In light of their economic and mental situation, the oral health of many of the survivors deteriorates and with it the ability to eat, go to work and smile. Many suffer from daily pain, crumbling and broken teeth. We are helped by doctors and dentists who volunteer to rehabilitate their medical condition in the dental field and start a new life.


In order to respond to dozens of requests every year, we won a team of 50 female doctors and dentists from Eilat and Afula who volunteer to provide dental services to survivors who contact the association. Together, they deal with extreme sensitivity with a variety of difficulties in treatment, such as different types of anxiety. Photographic studios, implant manufacturing companies, technicians who manufacture bridges and dentures are also mobilized and agree to help every survivor to live.


The treatments require commitment and persistence over time from each patient. Survivors who complete treatment report renewed self-confidence and gratitude for the help provided to them by the association and for the commitment and attitude of the treating doctors.


Dental treatment for a survivor of prostitution is combined with reflexology treatment to reduce anxiety

Dental care in the survivor combined reflexology against anxiety

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