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Passover Packing Day

Every Passover we gather for the day of packing thousands of gift boxes containing pharmaceutical and cosmetic products that were donated by companies in the Israeli economy into a beautiful box whose main purpose is to lend a hand to our company survivors and increase self-worth and visibility. The products are donated by pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. By carrying out the project we hope to spark a spark of hope in a difficult reality.

To donate products, you can contact us via association's email at:

פסח 2024

יום אריזה | April 6, 2024

צילום: ענת שטיין

Passover 2021

packing day | March 20, 2021

Photography: Dafna Talmon and Efrat Aker, editing: Michal Ben Ari

Red shirts printed with the association's logo
A picture with lots of gift bags for the survivors
A picture showing an elderly volunteer and a young volunteer packing gifts for the survivors
Hands outstretched into a box full of greeting cards
Folded canvas bags with the inscription saying I did something good today
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