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Raising public awareness of the phenomenon and the harms of prostitution is one of our goals. As part of this, it is important for us to share the experiences and testimonies of prostitution survivors.

These contents may be emotionally overwhelming and are not suitable for minors under the age of 18. Please read responsibly.

"At night"

At night, my mind opens a window
A window to memories that are buried
Memories of a rumbling stomach
And an “innocent” man offering assistance.

I just wanted food
I didn’t want you to touch me at a dark parking lot...


"A Wedding dress from children's clothing store" 
Testimony of a 12 years-old wed survivor

To Be or Not to Be

"While other girls my age were playing, having fun, and going to school, I was expected

to cook, clean, and do laundry like it was my job, because I had to know how to do all of it before marriage...

"Crying after every shift, counting my earnings, but nothing brings comfort."
Surviving life in the dark

"Prostitution – during and after it, it never ends! Some people say it’s a choice, but I never chose it! I wanted to share my experiences to put them out there, in the world, so you can open your heart, be aware of what’s really going on, get to know the circumstances and what that life leaves behind."...

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