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Board of Directors

Adv. Dafna Reicher Weinberg

Head of White-Collar Crimes at a leading law firm

Photo of Dafna Reicher Weinberg, chairwoman of the association's executive committee

Adv. Ronit Amiel

Former head of Central District, State Attorney’s Office, Ministry of Justice

Photo of lawyer Ronit Amiel. Member of the Board of Directors

Boaz Elbaranes

Venture Capital partner

Photo of Boaz Albarens. Member of the Executive Committee

Prof. Nurit Yirmiah

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Photo of Professor Nurit Yeremiah. Member of the Executive Committee

Adi Oz

Editor in Chief of “At” Magazine

A photo of Adi Oz, the editor of the "At" magazine and a member of the executive committee

נעמה הולצמן

מנכ"לית חברת Know Your Data

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