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"יומנה של קלי", שורדת זנות שמתנדבת בעמותה- חלק 1
(כתבת וידאו)

Screenshot 2023-09-04 120308.png

כתבה ב"כאן" | AUG 6, 2023

"יומנה של קלי", שורדת זנות שמתנדבת בעמותה- חלק 2
(כתבת וידאו)

Screenshot 2023-09-04 120308.png

כתבה ב"כאן" | AUG 7, 2023

מבט מעמיק לתוך עולם קורבנות הסחר בישראל 
(כתבת וידאו אנגלית)

A photo showing a strip club sign

חדשות 24 | Apr 24, 2023

"יכולים לקרוא לי שורדת זנות, אישה במעגל הזנות, או אפילו סתם זונה",
עדות מתוך 'יומנה של קלי'

Image of a woman in the back, wearing a fur coat with a blond hair

מאקו | Apr 09, 2023

לחצו כאן לכתבה

ניצול נשים פליטות בעקבות המלחמה באוקראינה,
נעמה סבתו, עו"ס מטעם העמתה משתפת במתרחש בנמל התעופה

A woman with her back to us, standing in front of a large, barred window

 Jan 04, 2023 | THE TIMES OF ISRAEL

כתבה בנושא פגיעות מיניות על ידי אמהות

Illustration of a girl's face, lying and covered with open eyes

ידיעות אחרונות | Dec 30, 2022

"זנות בחברה הדתית",
סיון פלאי, עו"ס העמותה בפודקאסט עם מרכז יהל

A picture depicting a radio studio in which a man and a woman sit with headphones in front of a microphone

"מרכז יהל" | Dec 12, 2022

לחצו כאן להאזנה

כתבת תחקיר על ניצול הפליטות מאוקראינה,
כולל ראיון עם נעמה סבתו, עו"ס מטעם העמותה

A scene that takes place inside some hall, two women are sitting on chairs, on the right the interviewer and on the left the interviewee.

כתבה ב"כאן" | Dec 11, 2022

"הלקוחות שלי הם בכירים במשק"

Picture taken from Ha'aretz newspaper

כתבה ב"הארץ" | Nov 24, 2022

"חיפשתי בגוגל מה זה אונס"

A woman holds out her handcuffed palms to the camera. On one hand it says "not" and on the other hand "for sale"

טור במגזין "את" | Nov 10, 2022

Surviving Prostitution,
From next month I am also a medical student 

Silhouette of a woman's figure and hands

Written on Sep 29, 2022 | Ynet

שורדת זנות,
מהחודש הבא אני גם סטודנטית לרפואה 

A monochrome image showing a woman's face profile

כתבה ב- Sep 29, 2022 | Ynet

"Pretty Woman"? beautiful young woman
who jumped to her death 

Photo from the movie "pretty woman"

An article in "Haaretz" | Sep 22, 2022

"Doctors do not stand by" project,
An initiative of a doctor who did not remain indifferent 

Photo of Dr. Yasmin Farhadian

Written on Sep 10, 2022 | Ynet

From a Facebook group - to an organization that supports 1,500 women in prostitution.
Article here 11.

Illustration image of a woman bending over and hiding her face

Article here 11 | Mar 08, 2022

Journey to the edge of the night: the chilling diary of the young woman
She died after working in prostitution

Screenshot from the article. written testimony

Article here 11 | May 27, 2022

On the danger of increasing the phenomenon of sexual exploitation of Ukrainian refugees

103fm radio logo

Interview at 103 | March 13, 2022

From a Facebook group - to an organization that supports 1,500 women in prostitution

Screenshot from the article

Article here 11 | Mar 08, 2022

"It's tempting, it's quick money, but it's terrible. Ten foreign men at night." Naama Goldberg, CEO of the association, in an interview with Rotem Shtrakman.

A picture of a crowd of protesters

They are subhuman in their eyes, it's easy to unload aggressions on them.

An illustration showing a man's face pointing in our direction

Written on Nov 21, 2021 | Ynet

"Sedar Yom" Keren Neubach,  Closure of "Heart space" in Beitar Ilit.

kan bet logo

Interview in "Seder Yom" | Nov  17, 2021 

A 15-year-old does not "provide sexual services"

Image from the article in Haaretz newspaper. Two women in a room, one of them looking at herself in the mirror

Opinion column in "Haaretz" | Nov   01, 2021 

"Haaretz" for volunteering at the association

Photo of volunteers in the association packing gifts for survivors

Letters that surviving women wrote to their children

A handwritten letter from a mother to her daughter

Written on Sep 05, 2021 | Ynet

Interview of the head of referrals at "Do not stand by" Yonit Ben Tov, at Sharon and Uri's.

A screenshot of Yonit Ben Tov, then in charge of inquiries at the association

Here is the news - Israel Broadcasting Corporation February 26, 2021

Ministry of Welfare report on women in prostitution: 30% of them tried to commit suicide, one in seven minors

A newspaper photo with a headline that says: 30% of the women engaged in prostitution known to the welfare services have tried to commit suicide.

Naama Goldberg, CEO and founder of the association, is interviewed about the situation of women who are in the circle of prostitution and shares testimonies. 

Lionesses do not stand by

Image of an invitation to a fundraising event

Feb 16, 2020 | YouTube

An article about the lionesses of not standing by

What do I have to do with prostitution?

A picture of two women. On the right is Naama Goldberg, CEO of the association

Mar 5, 2020 | YouTube

An exciting conversation with Naama Goldberg, CEO of the association "Do not stand by", about our connection to the issue, and why, in fact, it concerns all of us. You can also see Naama at the event against all odds - a fundraising event for "Lions do not stand by!"

The pipeline - not standing by: the people who help women get out of the circle of prostitution

Screenshot from Facebook

Mar 5, 2020 | YouTube

Not standing by: the people who help women get out of the circle of prostitution---thousands of women and men who are in the circle of prostitution and are trying to recover, encounter a wall in a way. In the Facebook group "Do not stand by" they understood the difficulty and decided to connect those involved in the ancient profession with good people who just want to help.

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