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About Us

Lo Omdot Me'negged was founded as a small Facebook group in September 2017, and quickly grew to a community of thousands of women and men that together make a significant factor aiding hundreds of prostitution survivors. With the aid of our community, we procure material and emotional support for survivors who attempt to take back control over their bodies and lives. Our aid is directed towards various basic needs that are out of the women's reach and are not accessible to them through the authorities or the official aid organizations. We also offer a personal human contact between our volunteers and the women who need a warm embrace, a good friend, or just someone to listen.

Lo Omdot Me'negged has revolutionized the opportunities available to these survivors and to the existing organizations aiding them. Our community breaks conventions and builds a bridge between society and these women, who live in its margins as invisible outcasts, offering them a sense of belonging, self-worth, and capability as a foundation for a process of integration in society. Women who have suffered violence, indifference, and social and occupational rejection, receive provisions for their material and emotional needs from us, which allow them to care for their and their children's basic needs.

How we help prostitution survivors?

We provide these and more for them, with the help of community members and fundraising.

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Dental Care

From specific emergency care to full mouth reconstruction for the survivors, by volunteer dentists.

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Raising Awareness

Survivors' testimonies and informative content in collaboration with survivors on our Facebook group alongside talks for our community members and participation in conferences.

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Supply and Logistics

Collecting equipment fit for the survivor's home from our community and delivering it to the survivor using our community transporters.

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Emergency Financial Aid

Helping with expenses related to housing, education, health, and medicines.

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Responding to Inquiries on the Help Line 074-732-3520

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Nutritional Security

Delivering vouchers, specially prepared grocery packages, and cooked meals by the "We Cook for You" project volunteers.

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Emotional Response

Stable and continuous relationship with the volunteers of the "You are Not Alone" project and specific per-need support under the "You are Not Alone – Express" project, alongside unique projects offering knowledge domains and enrichment programs for the survivors.

A group photo of the women of the association

(Photographer: Adi Lam)

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