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# Prostitution and international human trafficking data 

Trafficking in women is a worldwide problem that has been going on for years, with the vast majority of cases involving the exploitation of disadvantaged women or women from poor countries. The question often arises, what are the trade volumes in the world, how widespread is this problem and where?

Although these questions are relevant and essential for the purpose of mapping the problem on its scope, location and characteristics - elements that could help in building a plan for eradication, and even for prevention - the reality is that despite the data that exists today, it is still very difficult, and even impossible, to estimate the number of exploited people Prostitution as a result of international trade.

The reasons for this are that trade definitions differ from country to country, and some countries in the world refuse to disclose data. There is also a question regarding the gap between the data that is known to the authorities and the actual data - because, due to the fact that trafficking is often conducted by criminal elements - many times women are held in captive conditions without anyone knowing about their existence in the country or in other cases (even at the same time Sometimes) the economic distress of the woman, who needs to send money to her family, combined with her lack of knowledge of the assistance options (or the language at all) in the foreign country she is in - prevents her from trying to ask for help - thus trapping her in the trade circle for many years to come.

About a decade ago, the Business Insider news site reported in the light of official reports collected from various countries that the number of people in prostitution per year ranges from 40-42 million people. Three quarters of them are 13-25 years old and about 80% are girls and women.

Has a reduction begun in these alarming numbers in the ten years that have passed? We can only hope…

*The post was written in collaboration with "Shelgia", a survivor of our community.

# Prostitution in the USA

In view of the ruling of the US Supreme Court regarding the cancellation of the federal right to abortion, it will be interesting to examine what the American law says regarding prostitution:

In most US states, prostitution is illegal. All those who take part in the act of prostitution are considered criminals - the pimps, the prostitutes, and yes, the unfortunate women are also considered criminals. They are usually arrested and criminal proceedings are opened against them.

In Israel, according to the "Nordic model", only adulterers receive a fine (and this is not a "criminalization law" as it is customary to mislead the public).

According to the American concept, women in prostitution are immoral and offend the public, and especially of course the men.

There is an exception in the state of Nevada and it is allowed to have institutionalized brothels there (Las Vegas, for example, is prone to human trafficking).

The USA is once again showing its hypocritical and ugly face when it comes to women.

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