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Following the corona crisis, this project is suspended until the return to normal. 

Social garment

The social garment is the flagship project of the "Do not stand by" association, a project for the purposes of information and funding of the association's activities. This is a stand that takes place in the Greek market in Jaffa, every Friday. The stand is run by female volunteers and we sell second-hand clothes and accessories. All proceeds are a donation to our association.

The organization is run through the Facebook group Do not stand by - helping women in the circle of prostitution and joining the group allows you to keep up to date with the required activity - any help is welcome.

How can we help? The social garment project provides breathing room for the association.

You can donate clothes and/or volunteer at the stand itself. Through the sale of the clothes we receive as a donation, we raise funds and thus manage to answer more requests from women who survive prostitution.

The response provided by the group ranges from a personal connection between volunteers and women who need it, through the supply of basic products (food baskets, medicines) to assistance in finding a job, study scholarships and medical treatments.

We invite you to join our Facebook group and become part of the solution.


Let's not stand by! ❤️


Thank you for your contributions. FYI: Some of the clothing donations are transferred by the association to a second-hand store, Chelsea, which will sell the clothes and then transfer a percentage of the sale proceeds to the association. This is according to the scope of clothing donations to the project and its absorption capacity. Feel free to look for the red ticket in the store :)

For more information and donations

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