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The 'Lo Omdot Me'negged' community started as a small Facebook group and today includes tens of thousands of women and men from all over Israel, ready to offer daily support for prostitution survivors throughout the country.

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The purchase amount will be rounded up to the nearest shekel and the Agorot will be donated to your charity of choice.

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Raising public awareness about the phenomenon of prostitution is one of the association's objectives. With the support of a community of tens of thousands of women and men, we debunk myths, break stigmas, and bridge the gap between society and these women living on the margins, often transparent.

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התקשרי לקו הסיוע שלנו


שיחת וואטסאפ עם רכזת סיוע


An Instagram diary that makes the world of prostitution accessible in all its complexities, from a real woman who is currently in a struggle to get out of this world.

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SORDOT (Survivors)
listen to a unique podcast in which a prostitution survivor interviews other survivors about being part of the sex industry in Israel.

Our Store

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Our store is another fundraising channel to support our activity. With every purchase, you also do not stand by.

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