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  • לא עומדות מנגד - מסייעות לנשים וגברים במעגל הזנות | אני צריכה עזרה

    arrow&v I Need Help We are here for you, on any platform and for any purpose, you are invited to contact us via email, phone, our Facebook group chat or the WhatsApp application. Join our Facebook group lo omdot m'enegged and write to us in the private chat Call us for a conversation with our coordinators at 074-732-3520 Write us an email to And we will get back to you soon Correspond with our coordinators on the WhatsApp application 053-625-9137 We are here for you , on any platform and for any question. on our Facebook Groove and by email, phone or messenger feel free to contact us. Write us in Messenger " We don't stand by " our Facebook page is open 074-7323520 for a discussion with our coordinators, call us We wrote to our email We will also get back to you soon We are here for you in every platform and for every request and we invite you to contact us by email, phone or private chat in our Facebook group Join our Facebook group and write to us via private chat _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ 074-7323520 Call us to speak with our coordinators Write us an email at Our inbox And we'll get back to you soon We are here to help you get an answer to any question. Don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail, phone or chat on our Facebook group. Присоединяйтесь к нашей группе в Facebook « Не оставемся в страница» и напишите нам на наш чат. 074-7323520 Call us to talk to our administrators. Write to us at the mailbox И мы к тебе вернёмся как можно можек Call us on the forum Facebook group or by email or phone Or call Mezanjar, the writers " don't stand by" Facebook, Gurbna Katawi 074- 7323520 Nab ኣwahahadi association call us Наб Наб Наб Емел Цахафлна ННхна Дма Калтіфна Набаки Кнмелс іна To me потрибна дому I'm here to give you an answer _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d . Звиртайтес до нас за мяже электронной пощать, телефон, та в чати нашой групи Facebook Приеднуйся до группи Facebook ло омдот минегед 074-7323520 Зателефонуй до нас Напиши нам на мєйл и ми повернемося до тебе

  • עלינו | לא עומדות מנגד | About

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  • לא עומדות מנגד - מסייעות לנשים וגברים במעגל הזנות

    Assisting women in the cycle of prostitution I need help Donate I want to assist 'Lo omdot' story The 'Lo Omdot Me'negged' community started as a small Facebook group and today includes tens of thousands of women and men from all over Israel, ready to offer daily support for prostitution survivors throughout the country. About us Our store is another fundraising channel to support our activity. With every purchase, you also do not stand by. Our Store Go to Store Charged your credit card? The purchase amount will be rounded up to the nearest shekel and the Agorot will be donated to your charity of choice. To Round up in favor of "lo omdot me'negged" down arrow pointing a button Round up Everything you want to know about Lo Omdot Me'negged, in a monthly newsletter directly to your inbox: updates, articles, testimonies, and more. Join the newsletter Send Thank you for signing up for our newsletter

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